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Become the Chef!


Our production

Our plates come from the tradition and passion for good Italian cuisine which has its roots in small culinary workshops.

We use only the freshest products, without the addition of glutamates, preservatives, dyes or
additives during processing. All production and processing is exclusively Italian.

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Semi-finished products

Thanks to the production technologies we are able to offer a wide range of high-quality semi-finished products.

These products allow the creation of desired dishes quickly and easily by streamlining the procedures and preparation times. Pasta, roasts, and side dishes can be dressed with our sauces and condiments to create delicious recipes.


Single portions

Our high quality gastronomy ready meals are prepared with chosen raw materials and worked with avant-garde technologies. With this new product line we want to offer a qualitative, innovative and easy to manage solution to all the workers of the food sector, such as coffee bars, restaurants, hotels and traditional cuisine.ti, hotel e gastronomie tradizionali.

Our products

The answer to every need

The advantages

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