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Our production


Passion for

good food

Our plates come from the tradition and passion for good Italiancuisine which has its roots in small culinary workshops.

Imperiali uses only fresh products without the use of chemical additives, glutamate, preservatives or colourings during the working process. The production and processing are exclusively Italian.

We produce for your brand

Serenissima Restauration caters to the Italian and foreign market as a producer of semi-finished products and ready meals.

It has 300 members of staff and makes 35,000 meals every day in a production area spanning a total of 10,000 m². Serenissima Ristorazione is an innovative company that is at the cutting edge, especially in terms of its production and marketing systems. It offers high-quality cuisine and it can also make private-label products for other companies.


Customize your recipes with our products to propose dishes worthy of a true Chef!


Get the desired dish in a fast and easy way, simplifying the procedures and timing of food preparation. You may dress pasta, roasts, side
dishes with our sauces and gravies and create
delicious recipes.

Our food advisors are on hand at all times to provide you with any advice you might need.








The advantages

The secret of fresh food:

the technique Cook & Chill


The innovation of our production is the procedure “Cook & Chill”, which allows us to minimize the risk of bacterial proliferation during the productive phase. Food is cooked with low temperature to keep unchanged its nourishing properties.

Successively heat is cut down so as to reach a temperature between 0 and 4°C. The distribution is carried out through refrigerated controlled temperature vehicles to keep unchanged the cold chain.

The employment of this avant-garde technology guarantees the production of fresh meals that can be preserved in the fridge with a shelf line up to 30 days which regenerates with a simple cooking in oven or in pan.

cook e chill

Research and development

Our production processes are constantly evolving thanks to modern manufacturing technology and ongoing investments in research and development. Consequently, we can comfortably handle varying production volumes and adapt our products to suit emerging tastes and trends in the markets in which we operate.



Our dishes stem from constant commitment to research and the use of innovative production technologies. The products do not go on sale until they have been through meticulous studies and tests to guarantee their safety and quality.


The company selects the finest ingredients for use in an increasingly varied and comprehensive product range. All of the products are made in Italy in accordance with high quality standards.




Our company has a state-of-the-art approach to packaging and our Clean Room system offers guaranteed safety in terms of health and hygiene.

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