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Single portions


In favour of food service

From Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily, from the small culinary workshop to the hotel, our distribution chain guarantees meal delivery throughout all the national territory within few days. We offer you a young, dynamic and reliable sales network.

We guarantee the support of local consultants able to give you products information and advice. We suggest the management of weekly or bi-weekly orders so as to meet your demands in the best way.


Our refrigerated controlled temperature vehicles guarantee the freshness of our dishes. All our customers own an efficient web operating system for the management of their orders.


You become the Chef!

Offer our haute cuisine dishes and save the cost of a Chef with a selection of traditional recipes to offer your customers all the goodness of a gourmet dish.

Thanks to the quality of raw materials used and to the production and conservation technology, Imperiali’s Chef ready meals represent the innovation for the Ho.Re.Ca.

Preparation advice
In traditional oven:
Remove the protective film, place the tray in a preheated oven at 180° C for approximately 5/8 minutes. Prepare the plate and serve.
In microwave oven:
Pierce the protective film, place the tray in the microwave oven and warm up for 2 minutes at 750 W. Wait 30 seconds before serving.
In a pan:
Remove the protective film, pour the content in a pan and warm up for 2 minutes over a moderate heat, stirring occasionally.
Our single-portion menu

First single portions


Single portion second courses


Single-portion side dishes

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